playing demoman in pubs


What if soldier and zhanna have a babyyyyy

That Damn Pyromaniac Woman

That Damn Pyromaniac Woman

Baby bread roll

Baby bread roll


this is the last one!


this is the last one!


This feeling when you walk into big art supply stores …


Did everyone else's hype for TF2 comic #4 just die at the same time? It's either August 31st or September 1st, depending on time zones, + Valve still hasn't released the comic yet--which makes me sad since I really want to see sniper, but of course, Valve decided to be...well Valve. It's even more jarring when no one (at least on my dashboard) just stopped talking about it, so it's almost like time has stopped. Almost. Anyway, you still hyped for it? (sorry if I rambled..i do that a lot >_<)


I’m hyped for whenever it comes out but sadly I don’t think it will be that soon <:D

Where did heavy’s sisters get such elaborate and attractice mental images of sniper and spy from??

Big gay bro thats who

  • Soldier and Zhanna being cute together (x)
“I have a girlfriend now!”

There needs to be a lot more art of soldier/zhanna or just zhanna in general. What babes/ a babe

I need to allocate some time to replyig to my notes

I just realized something.

I used to feel guilty for becoming upset with diet adverts and commercials that only depict thin women eating a salad at mcdonalds instead of a burger.

I would feel bad when i refused to talk about weightloss with an online “friend” who would ask me, almost offended, “why do you get so defensive about losing weight?”

You know why?

Cos it’s my body

And I’ve spent far too long hating it already.

My body isn’t a thin one and it doesn’t lose weight easily.

So it is my body exactly the way it is.

So stop telling me to change it and just let me enjoy it, rolls and cellulite and stretch marks galore. They’re mine. So fuck off.

snog: The entire team

Marry: Soldier and Heavy at the same time

avoid: prolly Spy and Scout (but maybe only for like 5 minutes)